Christmas Trees

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A 6ft Snowy Brown Twig Tree with Warm White Lights, beautifully adorned with snow, creating a warm and inviting winter ambiance.

Snowy Brown Twig Tree - Warm White - 6ft

SNOWY CHRISTMAS TWIG TREE: Amazing realistic snowy effect brown birch twig tree with a solid root shaped base. Creates an amazing ambiance when switched on with either a warm white...
Two beautifully adorned 3ft Christmas trees glowing with warm lights, nestled in ornate pots, ready to bring festive cheer to your home.

Set of 2 Pre-Lit 3ft Christmas Trees in Decorative Pots

Dress up your front door, fireplace or garden pathway in Christmas style with our premium set of 2 matching potted pre-lit Christmas trees. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use your...
A beautifully snowy Windsor Christmas tree illuminated by 900 warm white micro LED lights, creating a winter wonderland ambiance.

Snowy Windsor Christmas Tree - Dual LED Warm White and Multi Colour - 7ft

SIZE: Our top of the range Celebright Snowy Flocked Windsor tree is 7ft / 2.1m in height and has a girth approx. 3.6 ft / 110 cm. A traditional festive Christmas...
A narrow 6ft Christmas tree, pre-lit with micro LED lights, creating a cozy and inviting holiday atmosphere.

Pencil Christmas Tree - Green - Warm White - 6ft

SIZE: Experience the perfect blend of modern style and holiday charm with our 6ft Premium Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree. This artificial slim Xmas tree stands at 1.8m in height, featuring...
A detailed close-up of the realistic branches of the Tiffany Christmas Tree, highlighting its lifelike texture and meticulous craftsmanship.

Tiffany Lit Christmas Tree 300 Vintage White LEDs Norway Spruce - 7ft

LUXE TIFFANY CHRISTMAS TREE: The Tiffany is a classic, traditional Christmas tree. Beautifully shaped, realistic in all its detail and equipped with a 300 LED vintage white light set that...
A 6ft Snowy Slim Windsor Pre Lit Christmas Tree, the perfect choice for elegant holiday decor.

Snowy Slim Windsor Christmas Tree - 6ft

SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Our top of the range Celebright Snowy Flocked Slim Windsor tree is 6ft /1.8m in height and has a girth of 2.3 ft / 79 cm. You...
A grand 7ft Winchester Christmas Tree, elegantly lit and decorated.

Winchester Christmas Tree -6ft/7ft

£123.99 – £169.99
SIZES: Our amazing Celebright Winchester tree comes as either a 6ft /1.8m in height and 3.3 ft / 102 cm in girth or a 7ft / 2.1m in height and...
A 6ft flocked furry pine Christmas tree adorned with warm white lights, creating a cozy holiday ambiance.

Flocked Furry Pine Christmas Tree - Warm White - 6ft

£154.99 £123.99
TRADITIONAL SNOW COVERED TREE: The Flocked (Snow Covered Effect) Bushy Pine Xmas tree comes in at 6ft (180cm) tall complete with 300 warm white. LEDs which can be set to 8...
An image of a 7-foot Premium Sherwood Christmas Tree adorned with warm 400 white lights.

Premium Sherwood Christmas Tree - Warm White - 7ft

CHRISTMAS TREE DETAILS: Premium Sherwood Forest Pre-Lit Xmas Tree adorned with pinecones. This luxurious tree is made from cashmere pine combined with 88 PE Tips and 1322 PVC tips resulting...
A 6ft Snowy Nordic Spruce Christmas tree with warm white LED lights.

Snowy Nordic Spruce Christmas Tree - Warm White - 6ft

£144.99 £115.99
FLOCKED NORDIC SPRUCE CHRISTMAS TREE: This is a traditional Norway Spruce Christmas tree with a snowy, flocked, effect applied to the branches. With 250 warm white LEDs the overall effect...
A 6-foot tall decorative white birch tree adorned with glowing warm white lights, creating a cozy and enchanting ambiance.

White Birch Twig Tree - Warm White - 6ft

Introducing the Celebright White Birch Twig Tree, a captivating addition to your home décor that effortlessly combines natural beauty with enchanting illumination. Standing tall at 6 feet, this exquisite birch...
A beautifully decorated Finland Fir Christmas tree, standing at 6 feet tall, adorned with warm white lights, creating a cozy holiday ambiance.

Finland Fir Christmas Tree - Warm White - 6ft

FINLAND FIR CHRISTMAS TREE: The amazing Finland Fir tree comes in at 6ft (180cm) tall complete with 250 unique warm white Frost Berry LEDs which can be set to 8...

Elevate Your Christmas Experience with Realistic Pre-Lit Christmas Trees!

At Celebright, we specialize in transforming your holiday season into a mesmerizing spectacle with our stunning pre-lit Christmas trees. These Christmas trees with lights are meticulously crafted to bring the magic of the holidays right into your home. Say goodbye to the hassle of untangling and stringing Christmas lights, as our pre-lit trees come adorned with radiant lights that effortlessly radiate warmth and joy throughout your space. Choose from a diverse array of styles to suit your unique taste and preferences.

Step into a winter wonderland with our enchanting Snow Covered Christmas Trees, beautifully flocked to replicate the charm of freshly fallen snow. These trees are adorned with Pinecones and Berries, adding a rustic touch to your holiday decor. If you're working with limited space, our Space-Saving Slim Pencil Trees are the perfect solution. These slender yet elegant trees are ideal for smaller rooms and flats, ensuring you can still embrace the holiday spirit without compromising on space. Setting up your Christmas tree has never been easier – simply pop it open, and you're ready to start decorating and creating cherished memories. For those seeking a unique and enchanting touch, delve into our collection of Decorative Snowy Birch Twig Trees. These artistic marvels come complete with LEDs, casting a gentle and ethereal glow that infuses a touch of magic into any space.

Don't let the stress of decorating overshadow the joy of the season. With our lifelike pre-lit Christmas trees, you can effortlessly create magical memories that will last a lifetime. Explore our exquisite selection at Celebright and let the holiday spirit shine brightly in your home. Shop now and embrace the magic of Christmas like never before!

Discover our Realistic Pre Lit Christmas Trees for a truly lifelike holiday ambiance at Celebright.